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Jessica Vendetti


Current GLYTA President, Jessica Vendetti has been a certified GLYTA teacher since 1972. Jessica teaches relaxing Gentle Flow Meditative Yoga classes in and around the Gaylord, MI area, and is also the owner of The Stone Unicorn (, located in Gaylord.

Jessica’s Current Class Schedule:

What: Quarterly 6-8 Week Hatha Training Courses
When: Monday Evenings
Where: 122 S. Otsego, Gaylord MI

What: Quarterly 6-8 Week Hatha Training Courses
When: Saturday Mornings
Where: 122 S. Otsego, Gaylord MI

What: Weekly SRF Meditation Circle
When: Thursday Nights
Where: 122 S. Otsego, Gaylord MI

Sandi Jones

Sandi Jones


Kaye Thomas-Hogan


Kaye Thomas-Hogan has been practicing Yoga and meditation since 1971, teaching it since 1981.  Kaye became affiliated with  Song of the Morning Ranch in 1981 and was initiated as a Kriyaban in 1989 by Yogacharya Oliver Black. She was on staff from 1994-1996. She is the secretary of the Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association and one of their Yoga Teacher Trainers.

Kaye started her Tai Chi/Qigong training in 1983 and began teaching it in 1985.  Kaye has been a presenter with the large “Cloud Hands Michigan” Tai Chi organization for many years, has trained with several world-renowned instructors and Masters in Yang Style, Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes and offers many short forms suitable for workshops and short class sessions. She is a skilled presenter and has offered numerous classes, retreats, seminars, demonstrations throughout Michigan, Ohio and Canada in both Yoga and Tai Chi/Qigong.

Kaye is also a coach for the national program “A Matter of Balance” which addresses the fears seniors may have about falling and guides them in ways to reframe their thinking, learn specific exercises to improve balance, flexibility, endurance and strength, and ways to make their home and community safer.

Kaye, a Reiki Master, retired from massage therapy after 31 years in her own business of “Balanced Innergies” which she started in 1981.  “Balanced Innergies” included her practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Massage, Reiki and her husband’s expertise as a certified Reflexologist.  Kaye is currently teaching classes in Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Tai Chi/Qigong in Grayling, MI where she resides.  She may be contacted at (989) 348-1722 or

Judi Schmidt

Judi Schmidt

David Krolikowski

David Krolikowski


David graduated from The Golden Lotus School of Yoga in 2015.  He began practicing yoga by supplementing his rigorous workout schedule with yoga. Soon he found that all he wanted was to practice yoga.  Through his dedication to yoga he began exploring the ancient science and was fortunate to have read the “Autobiography of a Yogi.”  In 2014, David became a Kriyaban and continued on with his interest in Hatha yoga by completing the Golden Lotus training at Song of the Morning.  David is currently an Accountant and frequently attends the Detroit SRF Meditation Center.



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