2019 200-hr GLYTA Teacher Training

Our 2019 200-hr Yoga teacher training schedules is now available, and enrollment is still open. To apply or find out more about our 2019 training program click the button below:

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1.  APRIL 5-7 | 2.  APRIL 26-28 | 3. MAY 17-19 | 4.  JUNE 7-9 | 5.  JUNE 21-23 | 6.  JULY 12-14 | 7.  JULY 25-28  | 8.  AUGUST 9-11 | 9.  SEPTEMBER 6-8 | 10.  SEPTEMBER 27-29 | 11.  OCTOBER 18-20 | 12.  NOVEMBER 8-10 | 13.  NOVEMBER 22-24







The Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association (GLYTA) provides hatha yoga classes, training, and 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Our style is a gentle stretching, meditative hatha yoga. All of our teachers have been initiated into Kriya Yoga, a sacred pranayama and meditation practice, brought to America by Paramahansa Yogananda. Many of our teacher training instructors have over 30 years of teaching experience and were personally trained by our founder Yogacharya J. Oliver Black. 


Our training is conducted at Song of the Morning. The training consists of 200 hours. It is very comprehensive in its attention to all the various aspects of Yoga with emphasis on hatha yoga. Our commitment to excellence and Self Realization is brought to every class that is taught. In addition to appying here online, you can also call Kaye Thomas-Hogan (989 348 1722) or Sandi Jones (989 732 6065) to find out more about our teacher training program.


The Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association (GLYTA) was formally founded in 1966 in Detroit, MI as the Self Realization Fellowship Yoga Teachers Association by Yogacharya J. Oliver Black. We were renamed the Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association in 1976. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s GLYTA had over 100 teachers mostly in the Detroit area, but also groups of teachers in Toronto, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. In those days which continues today most of our teaching is done in adult education, community centers and private spaces where our teachers find spaces to rent and teach to spread the science of Yoga to truth thirsty souls.


“After going through the GLYTA teacher training I feel well prepared to teach hatha and yoga meditation.  The training has awakened a new enthusiasm and understanding of the science of yoga.  Highly recommended to all truth seekers.”  -David Krolikowski

“An informative, wisdom-packed program set in the beauty and serenity of upper lower Michigan.  You can tell there is great care taken to present a well-balanced view of yoga.  This course teaches the true meaning of yoga – a system to help one to quiet down the physical and mental restlessness and learn to listen within.”  -Sue Spurgeon

“GLYTA’s program is wonderful for expanding insights on yoga and its effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.”  -Wilma Carter

“I loved how the training was paced; I had time to soak in what I learned each session and apply the information to my yoga classes, my own practice and my life.”   -Justine Markey


Interested in learning more about the Golden Lotus yoga teachers, the teachings of Yogananda and Song of the Morning? Consider joining one of our semi-annual retreats in either the spring or fall. Everyone always walks away feeling refreshed, renewed and re-inspired in their yoga and meditation practice. And it’s a great way to meet our community!